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Duke Energy Telephone Scam

Posted on February 20th, 2019

Jack Kern
Owner, President
Outsourced Accounting Department, Inc.

Recently we have received several phone calls from someone pretending to be Duke Energy and threatening to shut off our power.  The first call I received was last week and it was a computerized call from (844) 244-0960.  I contacted the Sheriff’s office and they confirmed that there was a scam going on and took my information.

The second and subsequent call I received were the ones with a live person, showing “Duke Energy” in the Caller ID from (800) 634-4300.  (If you Google the second number it’s tied to some companies in Ohio, one of which shows as Duke Energy in Orbana, Ohio, so they look legitimate there as well.)  I went ahead and answered it thinking it might actually be Duke Energy to warn me about this scam or that my account had somehow been affected.  But when the caller (in a foreign accent) informed me that they had received an order to shut off our power [over past due payments], I knew immediately that it was the same scam and I hung up on her.

Not to be outdone, they actually called me again the next day.  This time, I told them that “the call had been traced and the police were on the way to their location.” The caller’s reaction was, “Excuse me?” and I told her I knew this was a scam and hung up on her.  I later reported the call to Duke Energy and told the person what I said to them, and she laughed and thought that was great, and probably threw a scare into them.  I don’t know about that, but they haven’t called back (so far).

At any rate, Duke Energy confirmed that this scam was going on and that they had law enforcement involved trying to find them.  And it’s probably not limited to Duke Energy.  The girl at Duke Energy told me that these scams come up all of the time, and as soon as they shut one down, another one pops up.  So if you receive such a call, beware.  Do not do what they ask, and then report them.

For additional information, below is a link to Duke Energy’s website about this issue. And there are other articles about this type of scam on Google.

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