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Accounting & Tax "My business would not be at the success level it is today without the ongoing support and assistance from Jack and Marianne Kern. I cannot say enough positive things about their services. He has guided me through every step of the QuickBooks program, while also helping me to have my books ready at tax time. I love the fact that they handle both the accounting and tax part of my business all at once. The personal attention I’ve received from him makes me feel like I am his only client. In fact, I recently turned all of my records over to Jack so that he can maintain my monthly books. Freeing myself from the bookkeeping has allowed my business to grow in ways I never thought possible. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who is in need of an accountant.”

Photography Business
St. Pete Beach, Florida

QuickBooks Consulting "We had been through some turnover in the accounting department and our QuickBooks file had gotten out of control. I wanted to know where we were financially, and our bank was also pressuring us to provide current financial statements. So we turned to our CPA to help us. However, as he was not that well versed in QuickBooks, he introduced us to Jack Kern. Initially, Jack came in and got our books back in order and provided QuickBooks training and support to my employees. Since then as our part-time controller, he has made further improvements in our accounting, and created several critical reports we had been wanting to help us better understand our division profits and cash flow. And at the end of the tax year, our CPA received a clean set of books for preparation of our tax return. My CPA, my bank, and I have all been very impressed with everything Jack has done for us."

Owner / President
Legal Services

Financial Reporting "I was in a difficult situation with my new bank when I was trying to borrow money just to purchase two vehicles for my company. My bank was not helping me and I didn't understand why. I sought advice from other business associates, but they didn't seem to have the answers either. When I met Jack, he provided me with a completely different perspective and told me exactly what the problem was, what we needed to do to correct it, and I trusted him. After making some key changes in our internal accounting, and then joining forces with our CPA firm, my company subsequently received $650,000 in total bank loans after having earlier been turned down for only $30,000."

Owner / President
Private Ambulance Service

Growth Funding "Probably the most lasting impression I have of Jack is his work ethic and integrity. The major benefits I received were Jack's expertise in developing a good business plan and the catalyst to get it done, his ability to properly structure our debt and capital needs, and his arrangement of $1,500,000 in total financing during our early-growth stage when others could not. This financing enabled my company to double its sales volume and produce its first year of operating profits. Later, as my CFO, Jack ensured an ongoing availability of funds through several innovative financing solutions, and through highly effective financial reports and communication with our bank that enabled them to understand our situation, and not misinterpret and overreact to it.”

Owner / President
Contract Electronics Manufacturer

Lender Intermediation "This company made a remarkable recovery. We really believed they were dead. Jack has a lot of talent in workout situations. The information they provide to us is the most sophisticated reporting I’ve ever seen for a business this size.”

Banker for a regional bank